The first bronzing powder with natural sunscreen (pack changing & brush included) 

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SUNBAY Sun Powder

SUNBAY sunshine land offers you an irresistible glowy tanned complexion.
This ultra-fine, subtly scented micronized powder fuses with the skin to reveal an ultra-natural and luminous beauty tan. Made in France, it is enriched with the active ingredient Phycocorail, which comes from red algae from the French coast known for their mineral content, but also for their ability to filter UV and IR radiation. SUNBAY Sun powder will take sublime and take care of your skin!

Why do we love it?
The SUNBAY tan guarantees a "healthy glow" effect all year round. Ultra pigmented and micronized, a simple veil of this sunshine earth enhances the complexion and creates a sun filter.

For who?
For makeup professionals but also for enthusiasts. SUNBAY Sun powder & its ease of application make everyone agree! 

Sun Stripping technique:
Using the brush provided in the powder, lightly apply SUNBAY Sun powder from one cheekbone to the other, passing through the bridge of the nose. The goal is to reproduce the natural features that appear after light exposure to the sun.
Contouring Technique:
Sculpt the features of your face. Using the double-ended contouring brush, apply the Terre de Soleil in the hollows of the cheeks, on the jawbone, and on the sides of the forehead. Apply the material with the exact part of the brush, then blend it with the fluffy side. 

SIZE: 11g