Signature Keratin Waterproof Mascara - Black

Ultra pigmented and waterproof formula.
Thickens and curves lashes.
Deep and intense look.
Dense and multiplied lashes.

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Its protective and nourishing formula makes it possible to obtain voluminous, structured, and expanded lashes, revealing a stunning curve.
Enriched with Keratin, its formula creates a barrier against external aggressions, protects the lashes, and reinforces them.

Its waterproof formula resists under all circumstances!
Its round and generous brush offer a spectacular and ultra voluminous effect.
The fibers’ density provides an extraordinary volume by dressing the lashes one by one.
The rigid fibers allow immediate action for a perfect definition.
The squeeze-out system avoids any excess and delivers the ideal amount of material.

1. Start the application at the base of the lashes. Stretch the material from root to tip with zig-zag movements.
2. Join the thin eyelashes from the inner corner of the eye.
3. Stretch mascara over the lashes from the outer corner of the eye for a doe-like look.
To simply enlarge the gaze, make upward movements with your brush.
For more intensity, you can apply a second coat.

Capacity: 8ml