S3 Regenerating Face Serum

Serum S3 regenerating mature skin!
This rich and milky serum is inspired by the rituals of the Eastern princesses

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SLA Paris erases the barrier between skincare and makeup and launches its new line of pre and post makeup serums to complement its makeup line: Rite.
Composed of precious active & natural ingredients, Rite serums fuse with SLA Paris makeup which is composed of a patented oxygen-carrying active called Lumina-Skin. The serum takes care of the skin while the makeup and the Lumina-skin technology will boost the serum's effectiveness. True synergy is created between the two products for the skin's well-being. With SLA Paris, the fusion of skincare and makeup finally has a real interest. 

Enriched with prickly pear oil, known for its anti-aging vitamin E content, and Agran oil, rich in antioxidants, this serum is perfect to help the skin fight the signs of aging!

The active ingredient Bioplasma, derived from algae from the Sahel desert, intensely hydrates the skin & has an anti-aging, regenerating & revitalizing action. The skin is firmed, regain the elasticity and youthfulness of your skin!

Apply 4 drops of serum to the face morning and evening.
Gently massage the face and neck with circular motions.
You can also mix the serum with your SLA Paris foundation.

Capacity: 30ml