S2 Anti-blemish Face Serum

An innovative milky gel serum perfect for blemished skin

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SLA Paris removes the barrier between skincare and makeup and launches its new line of pre and post makeup serums to complement its makeup line: Rite.
Composed of precious active & natural ingredients, Rite serums merge with SLA Paris makeup which is composed of a patented oxygen-carrying active ingredient called Lumina-Skin.
The serum takes care of the skin while the makeup and the Lumina-skin technology will boost the serum's effectiveness. True synergy is created between the two products for the skin's well-being. With SLA Paris, the fusion of skincare and makeup finally has a real interest.

S2 Rite daily milk gel is composed of the patented VeryBerry Acnecare™ active ingredient, a complex with Yuzu & Kiwi extract, which will detoxify & help the skin fight imperfections (acne, redness...), smooth the skin texture & regulate sebum. The cocktail of vitamins C, B6, and pro-vitamin B5 will boost the skin cells to make it more beautiful day after day.

Apply 4 drops of serum to the face morning and evening.
Gently massage the face and neck with circular motions.
You can also mix the serum with your SLA Paris foundation.
Capacity: 30ml