A palette of 6 eyeshadows in rosy and aqua-green hues for a fairytale look

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The Enchanting Eyes Palette is the perfect way to enhance your eyes. Carefully designed by our team of expert make-up artists, it features 6 eyeshadows, including 3 bewitching violet-pink shades and 3 pearly white to water-green shades, to create looks as magical as they are varied.
These enchanting shades let your creativity run wild, creating make-up looks that are both soft and daring. 

Each eyeshadow in the Enchanting Eyes Palette is formulated with high-quality pigments, guaranteeing long-lasting wear without compromising comfort. Easy to blend, these shadows apply smoothly for a professional look every time.
Treat yourself to an enchanting journey with the Enchanting Eyes Palette and reveal the full splendor of your eyes.

SIZE: 6 x 1g